Commissioned Work

Gestation Phase
It begins with the client seeing my work in another venue: a gallery, public art installation, private art collection, or on the web. I then visit the site where the sculpture will be installed. I either select a site for the sculpture or at times the clients have chosen a particular site where they envision it.  Next I do a series of sketches uses block shapes to signify stones. Various ideas are proposed for the direction of the sculpture. At the same time I am proposing alterations of the site for a harmonious symbiotic combination of site and sculpture. The client will select a sketch to indicate the direction of the sculpture that would be preferred.

Creation phase
The search for an appropriate stone begins.  Sometime I go directly to the quarry; other times I work with suppliers of stone. Once the raw stone material is selected, I photograph and send it to the client for approval. Once the stone is at my studio I encourage studio visits to view the stone and to see the work in progress. Some times the stone will indicate an alternate path from the original direction that was selected. This departure is always discussed with owner. Once the sculpture is completed I encourage a studio visit prior to installation.

Installation phase
During the creation of the sculpture I make a template of it’s foot print which is taken to the site prior to the delivery of the sculpture to mark where it will be installed. I work with engineers to design the foundation for the piece to insure earth quake and structural integrity. The foundation is installed prior to the delivery of the sculpture. It is sited with the aid the footprint template.

The sculpture is delivered to the site and is installed usually with the aid of a crane or a forklift. I am on site to direction this process.

Non commissioned work
Work that  already exists that patrons find through a gallery or work that I have on hand at my studio. The process is similar to the Commissioned work.

– The gestation phase: I still visit the site and follow the same process.
– The creation phase is eliminated
– The Installation phase: The same process is followed.